Behind The Scenes

It’s hard to identify all the things that motivate us to do what we do, but a few big things really stand out.  There is no question that life is built on relationships. Relationships with God, family and friends come first, but close behind are the ones with our musicians who make it possible for us to do what we do for you.  Every performer that works for us is a professional, top-notch musician or DJ or they are simply not allowed to be on our roster. Being close with our people lets us know their strengths and allows us to provide the best music for each event.

A commitment to excellence is woven into the fabric of everything we do.  Understanding the importance of each event, whether it’s a wedding, product launch, corporate holiday party or a 50th anniversary celebration, our goal is to provide the best music possible within a client’s budget.

Who We Are

Meet the father daughter duo behind Collective Music Solutions.

Victor Berg
Victor Berg
Victor brings his forty years of successful business ownership and experience to Collective Music Solutions and is working alongside Erica, his daughter, to create and develop the company into something fresh, new and exciting; a company that offers the perfect solution to all of your event entertainment needs.
Erica Berg
Erica Berg
In 2012, Erica began to offer her band for hire. A year later she started her first official company, Eb Music Solutions, LLC, and soon quit a teaching career to pursue music full-time. In 2015, when the company had become more than she could manage alone, she asked her father, Victor, to join her as a business partner.

Our Story

The foundation for Collective Music Solutions was laid decades ago by grandparents and parents who loved music. Growing up in a home where music is always being played or performed changes you and the influence has a significant impact.  Music shapes you to your core — the way a person sings or plays should be a reflection of who he or she is and hopefully not just an attempt to copy someone else.

Our background is diverse.  From attending countless concerts to playing in orchestras, from leading worship in local churches to putting together blues and rock bands, and from learning to play the guitar to building guitars and the speaker cabinets through which they play, music is who we are.  It’s not just what we do to put food on the table and pay the bills, it’s truly our passion and we live it every day. Collective Music Solutions has evolved and grown as doors were opened and we walked through them. We took leaps of faith. We prayed A LOT. We cried and laughed, succeeded and failed, and all of that led us to right where we are today.  We now have nearly 500 events under our belt, we’ve gotten to know over 600 different brides and grooms, and we’ve built relationships with dozens of musicians and DJs who work for us on a regular basis.  We are proud to be able to do life alongside them and support them financially.

“You would not have known that our wedding was a dry wedding thanks to Erica and her team at Collective Music Solutions! From the ceremony worship band, to the parade, to the live band and dj combination, every little detail was so perfect!! We love Erica so much and are so thankful for her hard work and friendship!”


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